Zebrafish Chemical Genetics Lab

Cause for Celebration...

Congratulations to Zainab for her new paper on rescue of CHARGE-like phenotypes with small molecules!

Best wishes to Sandeep Basu for new adventures at the Harvard Medical School!

Fishing out Bioactivities

Zebrafish development as assays to screen for toxicological properties of industrially important molecules e.g. Ionic Liquids

Teratogenic, cardiotoxic and hepatotoxic properties of related ionic liquids reveal the biological importance of anionic components. Pandey et al. RSC Advances. 2017

We use zebrafish screens in zebrafish to discover novel bioactives from the vast unexplored chemical space...

Identification of noreremophilane-based inhibitors of angiogenesis using zebrafish assays. Muthukumarasamy et al. Org Biomol Chem. 2016

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